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The Jewelry Store

Our high quality jewelry, watches and accessories are made with refined materials.

Nerone trades the most renowned brands in the industry, to ensure its customers the highest quality available.

Nerone is distinguished by the peculiarity, refinement and exclusivity of its jewelry and watches.

Valued and unusual stones and gems like black, brown, gray and ice diamonds, Kunzite, amethyst, morganite, jade, ruby gems, emeralds, rutile quartz, chocolate and gold pearls, set in frames made of white, pink, black and gray gold, ancient or rare elements from many cultures, mainly Eastern, for unique and unrepeatable pieces.  Up to the use of netsuke mounted with gold and bronze.

The attention to details and the study of forms, which is done through the colorful world of stones, create a unique jewel, characterized by unusual and nonconformist elements.

We love to fascinate, captivate, amaze our customers, anticipating trends and interpreting the times.

The constant search for harmony in colors and jewelry displayed in our shop window inspires admiration and emotion.